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Saturday, April 7, 2012

15 Must-Have Software For Our Customers

Application-SoftwareI've been a callboy (technical support agent) for 5 years now and it still surprises me that most of our customers don't use Firefox or Google Chrome. They're stocked to Internet Explorer and they don't explore the Internet or try other software to make the most out of their high-end computers or high speed Internet.

Sometimes it breaks my heart to see my customers computer (through remote access) without Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Download Manager, or other software that would greatly improve their Internet experience. In fact, some of the most common issues that we have can be resolved by using another browser (instead of resetting the Internet Explorer to the default settings).

So here are some of the free software on the Internet that I'm hoping our customers would discover:

1. Firefox or Google Chrome – very good substitute for Internet Explorer

2. FileHippo Updater Checker -- to get the latest version of software installed on our customers computer

3. Internet Download Manager -- to prevent corrupt download files and for our customers who are still on dial-up connection

4. Malwarebytes -- as substitute for paid antivirus brands

5. Gmail – this is the best email provider for me. It’s fully compatible with Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird

6. OpenOffice -- substitute for MS Office if they don't want to shell out dollars for a simple word processing tool

7. Thunderbird -- substitute for Outlook. This is free and reliable

8. iTunes -- for playing MP3

9. VLC – this is the best video player on the Internet

10. Picasa -- decent software for organizing pictures

11. Skype -- now fully integrated with Facebook

12. Toolbar Cleaner – this will help delete unwanted toolbars off your Internet browser

13. CCleaner – is the best way to remove temporary files and unnecessary items in the Registry

14. Dropbox -- offers additional online storage for our customers. This will also sync their data between computers and takes advantage of the cloud technology

15. Microsoft Security Essentials -- decent anti-virus software

Is there any other free software that I missed?

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