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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Own Website


I'm planning to have my own website since Glenn's business is creating and hosting websites. Being the supportive boyfriend that I am, I should be one of his clients as well.
I'm still thinking of things to post on my own website. Should I go anonymous or reveal myself? Should I include my family and relatives to my audience?

Should I set it up as a personal blog or a photo blog? What are the things that my audience could do on my website?

Since this website is a paid website (well, Glenn will be giving me huge discount), I should think of ways of generating money out of it, through Nuffnang, Google AdSense, Black Label Ads or Infolinks.

Another question would be if I'll go wholesome (GP), not-so-wholesome (PG-13) or XXX (R-18). Right now, I have blogs that falls into these categories and I'm still thinking which one of these I should continue as a website (to eliminate the “blogspot” on the URL).

It would be great if my website would just be or Since this website that I'm planning right now will be designed by Glenn and his staff, I'll probably name it like Sounds cheesy?

For now, I'll probably convert one of my blogs as a website and let's find out how it would go from there.

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