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Friday, April 13, 2012

Typical Work Day

April 12, 2012 -- 9:48 PM

It's regular day at the office. I arrived 30 minutes before my shift time. My schedule for this week is 10PM-7AM and my rest days are Saturday and Sunday.

I have already logged in to our online Bundy clock and already pulled up all my tools. I also pulled up my notepad for documentation and my chat software for chatting with co-workers during avail time.

avayaI already passed by 7-11 on my way to work and already purchased my favorite Lipton Iced Tea (1L). I already checked my emails via MS Outlook and I'm ready to take my first call for the day. I'm just hoping it's a good call, which means the customer is not irate or is not asking for a supervisor because the previous agent is rude.

I have 6 customers survey to date and 2 of those surveys are NO, meaning, my customer satisfaction (CSAT) score is a fail. I have to get 18 more YES surveys just to compensate for those 2 NO surveys. Our current passing grade for CSAT is 90% meaning that in every 10 surveys, I should only get 1 NO survey.

My TL also got my attention yesterday because I have 4 instances of over break last month. That is in spite of having a G-Shock watch with timer capability and timekeeping software on my desktop computer. My team mates have worst records than me when it comes to being over break.

We are given 1 hour lunch and 30 minutes paid break. This paid break already includes the bio or CR break. Then it's 7.5 hours of being on our desk (workstation as we call it) with headset. We are not allowed to eat at our workstation but we tend to sneak in snacks like biscuit, chips, hopia, and the likes.

It's 10:18 PM already and I just finished with my 2nd call. Our average handling time (AHT) is 32 minutes and I'm thankful for that. In my previous accounts (mostly DSL and ISP), our AHT is 18 minutes. It's queuing day today -- a lot of customers are calling and we don't have idle time. After our call, comes another call immediately. We hate it when it's queuing day.

We're excited today since a few hours from now (around 1:30PM tomorrow morning), we're expecting our salary. April 15 fell on a Sunday which makes April 13, Friday, our payday. We just love it when the 15th or the 30th falls on a Sunday or Saturday. There are rumors that our payslip is already available but I haven't checked it yet. It's the 15th pay so we don't have deductions. The 15th pay is higher than the 30th pay.

When it's a queuing day like this, I usually get around 20-28 calls. When it's not queuing (Sunday-Monday), I usually get 12-18 calls. My running AHT right now is 24.20 minutes. If we're lucky, the number of calls will lessen as we approach our end of shift (around 4am-5am) and we'll have training or huddle (petiks time).

I'll take my lunch probably around 4am. I'm on a diet lately so I'll just probably take a nap at our sleeping quarters during my lunch break. If I'm lucky, I can logout of our online Bundy clock exactly 7am. If I receive a long call a few minutes before 7am, I'll probably extend 30 minutes to an hour. It's an automatic overtime.

If I'm unlucky, I'll probably receive a call that has complex issues and the customer is willing to troubleshoot. It would be a 3 hour call. So far, I've only experienced it twice. I don't want to have a 3rd 3-hour call today. I'm in the mood to go home early, sleep until around 1-2PM and have a date with my lover, Glenn. Then I'll say goodbye to him around 9PM to go to the office in time for my 10PM shift. Then it's another usual shift for me.

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