Friday, April 13, 2012

I am, He, We

Our 1st monthsary is just around the corner (every 18th) and so far, here are the things that I discovered about Glenn and I:

our weddings rings

​I am-
-I'm into ice cream, he's not.
-I'm into trunks (boxer briefs), he's into briefs
-I'm into online game, he's not
-I'm into novels, he's not
-I'm into romantic movies, he's not
-I'm into adult movies, he's not
-I’m a Canon user, he's a Nikon user
-I'm into animation, he's not
-I'm into French Kiss, he's into smack kiss
-I'm into Twitter, he's not
-I'm into Starbucks, he's not
-I'm into cakes and pastries, he's not
-I'm into boybands, he's into girl singers
-I'm into Journal (Diary), he's not
-I'm a kolboy, he's a CEO
-I'm an employee, he's an employer
-I'm a Snake, he's an Ox
-I'm a Pisces, he's a Scorpio

-I'm hairy, he isn't
-I'm moreno, he's fair-skinned
-I can understand Ilocano, he can't
-I'm into accessories (necklace, friendship bonds), he isn't
-I'm into Irish Spring, he's into L’Oreal Body Wash!

our weddings rings 2
He is-
-He's into pork, I am not

-He can create websites, I can't

-He's a smoker, I am not
-He's into tattoo, I am not
-He's into earrings, I am not
-He's into guns, I'm not
-He can drive a vehicle, I can't
-He's a leader, I'm a follower
-He's from CDO, I'm from Bulacan
-He can speak Chavacano, I can't
-He can understand Bisaya, I can't
-He loves coloring his hair, I don't
-He's into perfume, I'm not
-He's into Kyle XY, I'm into The Vampire Diaries
-He loves hearing music via headset, I'm not
-He's into Oxygen, I'm into No Fear.
-He's Muslim, I'm Catholic
-He's into polo, I'm into T-shirt
-He's a swimmer, I am not
-He's into contact lenses, I'm into eyeglasses
-He's into Coke, I'm into Sprite
-He's a fan of Katy Perry. I'm a fan of One Direction

-He's a jealous lover, I am not

our weddings rings 3
​We are-
-We're both into blogging but I'm more active
-We're both into Picasa
-We both love La Paz Batchoy
-We both have a ring -- our wedding ring!
-We both love Chicharon
-We both love BlackBerry
-We're both into Facebook
-We're both into Sci-Fi movies
-We both love guys with blue eyes
-We're both into Antonov and Tequila
-We're both Globe subscribers

The above pictures show our endearment rings (courtesy of imono, Ali Mall, Cubao). Glenn took these pictures using my BlackBerry 8520.

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