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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TV Series I've Been Watching Lately

I hardly watch TV lately. Not to mention that I'm not a big fan of our local tele-novela whether it's Kapuso, Kapatid or Kapamilya. I'm a fan of US TV shows and although I don't have cable subscription, I can still watch these favorite TV shows of mine via torrents:

the vampire diaries
1. The Vampire Diaries -- I have read the novels where this TV series is based and I love the story of Stefan, Damon and Elena. The TV series has evolved on a new storyline and maintaining only the names of the original character but it's a great story nonetheless.

young justice 2
2. Young Justice -- This is actually a continuation of Justice League. I love the way the characters are drawn and it gives new insights to DC characters. I love the eternal struggle between the Justice League of America and Legion of Doom.

the avengers
3. Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes -- The style of animation of this Marvel series is inferior to ​Young Justice but I love the storyline as well. Right now, it incorporates the Kree and Skrull conflict into the series (based on the Secret Invasion comics).

the amazing race
4. The Amazing Race -- Now on its 20th season, The Amazing Race for me is the best reality show. It has the drama of Big Brother, the competition of Survivor, plus the travel aspect of National Geographic.

the legend of korra
5. The Legend of Korra -- I've watched the entire episodes of the first Avatar TV series and this is definitely one of the best animated series ever produced. The story is very Oriental and unique.

I've also tried other TV shows like Grimm and One Tree Hill but these 5 shows are currently the ones that I'm very interested with. Thanks to torrents, I can still watch these shows even if I'm not a US citizen.

Right now, the great uploaders of these videos are Cool Release and AFG. Go check their upload on 

What are the TV shows that you’re watching?

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