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Saturday, April 7, 2012

14 Reasons To Apply At Our Company

job huntAre you looking for a job at a call center? Why not try our company and enjoy the following perks. Check also the disadvantages and try to check your options.

1. Maxicare
2. 20% Night Differential upon regularization (10% during training)
3. Program Allowance ​(account-based) – around P2,000
4. Transportation Allowance – around P1,200
5. Meal Allowance – around P1,500
6. Rice Allowance – around P1,000
7. Laundry Allowance – around P300
8. Clothing Allowance – around P250
9. All Deductions are taken from the End-of-the-Month Payslip
10. Basic Allowance of 16k-20k (depending on the number of years in the call center industry)
11. PhilPlans Corporate Center (PCC) Site -- has gym, movie room, game room, billiards, music room, and Internet booth (but with slow connection)
12. Fast promotion -- can be promoted within 6 months
13. Not strict on Dress Code (t-shirt and denim are allowed)
14. No training bond

NOTE: The Program, Transportation, Meal, Rice, Laundry and Clothing allowances are split on the 15th and 30th pay and are affected by absences.

1. No hazard pay (unlike Sykes)
2. No cellphone load allowance (unlike Telus)
3. No shower room within the sleeping quarters (unlike Convergys-Robinsons)
4. Paperless on ALL accounts (unlike Sykes)
5. Can't view payslip outside of the company premise (unlike Convergys)
6. No hard copy of the payslip (unlike Sykes and Convergys)
7. No company outing
8. No Christmas Bonus
9. No shuttle van or bus (unlike Teleperformance)

10. Maxicare only covers you. You have to enroll your family member at around P800 each.

So are you still interested to apply at our company? What are you waiting for? Send me your resume, eltorobumingo(at) I’ll forward your application to our recruitment team so that I could enjoy the referral bonus.

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