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Saturday, June 16, 2012

How do Energizer and Nuffnang power your lifestyle?

Energizer and Nuffnang power my life through their movie screenings and special events for bloggers that require me to work as a photographer to cover these events.

Being in the call center industry, we are often ridiculed as having no social life at all. In some way it is true because we work mostly at night and graveyard shifts. Most of the fun events, movie screenings and parties are on done at night specially Friday night. We have vacation leaves that allow us to attend social events but we have to be careful in using it because it’s hard to seek approval from our team leaders.

Luckily, when it’s a movie screening organized by Nuffnang, it’s a worthy event and my application for vacation leave is always approved. I tend to tell my team leader how important it is for me and my Plus One to relax and have fun at the movies. It’s definitely a worthy activity to unwind from 5 days of taking calls and to improve my skill at photography. Not to mention that watching a movie is always something that my Plus One and I love to do. We’re both movie buffs.

Aside from movie screenings, Nuffnang Philippines is also behind some major contract signing events and gives blogger like me exclusive invites to such events. This definitely gives a break, to a call center agent like me, to forget about taking calls and have a social life. The last contract signing I attended definitely made me a reporter and photo-journalist for a day.

During events like movie screening or contract signing, I have to make sure that my DSLR is fully charge and that my wireless triggers are ready. Energizer, Makers of the World’s Longest Lasting Batteries, is the power behind my AAA batteries.


When I decided to purchase a wireless trigger a few months back, I immediately know that it requires rechargeable batteries. Only one brand comes to my mind – Energizer. So I go ahead, bought a wireless trigger and two pairs of Energizer Recharge AAA rechargeable batteries.

The good thing about Energizer Recharge batteries is that you don’t need to charge them on every event. One fully-charged Energizer AAA batteries can last for several photo shoots, movie screenings, workshops and other photography events.

Even before I had a DSLR, Energizer has been my choice for batteries, even for alkaline batteries. I have an old digital camera and it’s powered by Energizer Advanced. I’m a very satisfied Energizer customer and their batteries, whether the Energizer Recharge or the Energizer Advanced, never fails to power up my gadgets – including our TV remote controls and wall clocks – for a long, long time!


A fully-charged DSLR, wireless triggers and camera (powered by Energizer batteries) are definitely a must for a newbie photographer like me (and my Plus One) to enjoy parties, movie screenings, contract signings, food events, and other fun activities organized by Nuffnang Philippines.

Energizer and Nuffnang definitely powers up my photography lifestyle through various fun events.

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