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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Oldest House in Pasig City

Last year, when I took pictures of old houses along P. Gomez Street in Pasig City, I stumbled upon this old house at the end of the road. I thought it was just one of the old houses in this part of Pasig City.

I found out only today while surfing the Internet that it was the famed Bahay na Tisa – the oldest house in Pasig City. It was built in the 1850’s which makes it 162 years old this year. That’s a very old house.

bahay na tisa

According to an article published in The Manila Bulletin Online, it was built by Don Cecilio Tech y Cabrera and has been continuously habited up to this day. It remains to be a private property thus no public viewing. I sure hope that one of the residents of this famous house would stumble upon this blog and gives me rights to take pictures or at least visit the interior of the house.

Unlike the usual renovation wherein a certain building or house somehow loses it’s original design, the Bahay na Tisa is a well-preserved house. I would definitely vote the Tech Family to a position in a Historical and Preservation Institute because they have preserved the original design and material of the house. It’s something that our government officials should learn.

For further reading regarding the Bahay na Tisa, please click this article from The Manila Bulletin.

bahay na tisa 2

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