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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Letter To Honza

Honza is a Czech friend of mine whom I’ve been exchanging emails for almost 3 years now. He’s a Caucasian guy around my age, PLU and currently teaches at a university in Prague.

a marsh land in czech republic

A marsh land in Czech Republic. This is one of the numerous pictures Honza is sending me for the past 3 years. He’s also a photographer.

Hi Honza!

How are you doing today? I hope everything's okay.

Chill out Honza. Don't feel depress. Also, don't be bother by age. If someone seems to be interested in you (who happens to be younger than you), just be friendly. There are some young guys who prefer older guys. If you're not that interesting, I doubt if he'll spend time talking to you. The mere fact that a guy is talking to you means that somehow he wanted to be friends or so. So relax, entertain those guys who strike a conversation with you.

You read an 800 page book? Wow. That's quite a book. I wish I could return to my younger self who's fond of reading novels and books. I haven't read a book in a year! The last book I read was the 6th book of the Harry Potter series. Internet access really is bad for reading. I felt that most of my free time is spend on the Internet and I have absolutely no time for reading. Whenever I read lately, I tend to fell asleep. I haven't finished the last book I've purchased -- The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. BTW, is your thesis in English? Hope you could send me a copy once it's finished.

I adore the pictures of the churches you've uploaded on Facebook. They're gorgeous. I envy your buildings because your power system (electricity) is laid underground, right? So your buildings are more picturesque since they don't have wires hanging all over the place. That's one problem here in the Philippines. We're a tropical country who's prone to flooding that's why our power system is overhead. Thus, most of our pictures of buildings have some wires in it.

BTW, Glenn broke up with me a few weeks ago. He said that I failed to pass his test or something. We know each other’s password in Facebook and we sometimes log in to each other’s account. I noticed that he's been chatting over Facebook to some guys and he's calling them "baby" (sweetheart or something). So I grab a screenshots of the conversations and sent to him. I asked for his explanation. He said that he's just testing me or something, if I'll get jealous. Of course I said I'm jealous because he's being a flirt over Facebook. He got mad about it and broke up with me in the end. He said he was just testing me and I failed his test. I said he did well with those test because it appears real to me.

Prior to that fight, we also had an argument on how I spend my money. I was not paying my bills for this cellphone company and he's worried about it. I said I'll pay it if I feel like paying it. I don't care if they cut my subscription or something. I feel like spending my money more on dates with him. He's mad about it saying I'm being childish for not putting priority on my dues. I said, I'm just spending money more on the things I feel like spending it too. I also said to him that he should not interfere on how I spend my money because even married couples don’t do such thing. This really made him angry.

So he broke up with me even though I said my apologies for not believing his explanation. We haven't seen each other for weeks now although we still send each other text messages. We're quite civil to each other nowadays and I miss him a lot but it seems he already moved on. The last time we exchange messages via chat, some rich guy is courting him and that he's still thinking on whether he'll say YES to the guy. So right now, I'm officially single but still feel sad about the whole thing. I feel sad that he broke up with me for such petite arguments.

Lately, I've been diverting my thoughts and time to photography. I've been attending a lot of seminars and I even join a local photography group. Next week, I'll actively take pictures of Araw ng Pasig (Pasig City Day Celebration). Photography is such a nice therapy.

Happy 3rd Friendship Anniversary Honza on August 17! Thank you for being my friend. BTW, I'll be publishing this email on my blog. Take care!


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