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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sef’s Guide On How To Start His Blog

Last Friday, when Sef and I watched “Snow White and the Huntsman”, I brought up (again) the topic of starting his own blog. My rationale was for him to avail movie tickets from Nuffnang Philippines simply by blogging about their latest promos.

start a new blog

Finally he said YES and he promised to post his pictures that are mostly about fashion. Here are my suggestions and general guidelines to him on how to create and start his own blog:

1. Create a Gmail account – Gmail account is the most useful email on the Internet right now. It’s fully integrated to Blogger, Google+, YouTube and other sites that are owned or associated with Google. Not to mention Google AdSense is part of their company and that it is compatible with email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird.

step 1 B

2. Create a Blogger account and publish a maiden post – I highly suggest the Blogger platform over Wordpress since it is more user-friendly in my opinion. Not to mention that Blogger doesn’t delete your blog even if it’s inactive for several months unlike Wordpress.

step 2 B

3. Download and install Windows Live Writer – It’s the best blog tool on the Internet right now. Windows Live Writer is part of the Windows Live Essentials that includes other software like Windows Live Messenger. You have the option to install only the Windows Live Writer.

step 3 B

4. Add your new blog to Windows Live Writer – Adding your blog to WLW is easy. Just select Blogger and then type in your Blogger/Gmail username and password and it would then download your blog’s theme for you.

step 4 B

5. Start Posting! – Don’t forget to compose your articles in Microsoft Word first. Their spelling and grammar correction tool are very useful. If you’re happy with your blog post or article, then copy it to Windows Live Writer. Put a “catchy” blog post title and click Publish.

step 5 b

6. Customize your blog layout – After publishing one or two blog post, it’s time to customize or accessorize your blog. Simply login to your Blogger account, click on your blog and click Layout. You would then see the layout of your blog and you can add items like Popular Posts, Blog’s Starts and HTML/JavaScript (this is very useful) by clicking on Add a Gadget and then drag it on where you want to place it on your blog.

step 6 b

7. Sign-up and add the codes from Nuffnang Philippines – For me, they are the best blog advertisement company these days. It’s not actually the revenue that you get from blogging itself that is great about them, but it’s the perks that they frequently gives out to Nuffnangers.

step 7 b

8. Add your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts to your blog – If you’re a social networking addict, you might as well add your accounts to your blog so that your readers can follow your post more efficiently. Google is your best friend here on how to add this social networking sites to your blog.


9. Create Disqus account and submit your blog to LinkWithin – Disqus is the best software there is to manage your blog’s comments. Here are 9 reasons why you should use Disqus. LinkWithin on the other hand is the best way for readers to see your past post. LinkWithin would make sure that your previous posts will not go unnoticed.

step 9 b

10. Asked bloggers to Link Exchange with your new blog – If you are a reader of popular blogs, it would be great if you could ask them to Link Exchange with you. It’s a great way to advertise your blog. Also, try to make remarkable comments to other blogs or websites that uses Disqus or has the capability to display your blog through your signature.


I sure hope Sef would follow these steps that I learned the hard way in my almost-two-years of blogging. Other suggestions are welcome so please use the comments section. Happy blogging Sef!

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