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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Amazing Time With Sef

Sef and I watched Spider-Man at Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall last Friday. The event was sponsored by Nuffnang Philippines and Energizer. It was a great movie and is very true to the comic version of Spider-Man.


It was my second time at the Power Plant Mall and it’s as elegant as far as I remember. It was the perfect venue for the showing of Spider-Man although commuting to the venue from Guadalupe is quite difficult. I don’t have a car by the way. I’m just an average Pinoy commuter. Due to the traffic in Guadalupe, Sef was a few minutes late to the movie.

We enjoyed the movie and the goodies from Nuffnang Philippines and Energizer – pop corn, soft drinks and a bag of goodies. I love the Energizer flashlight that they’ve given away to Nuffnangers and our Plus One – a flashlight similar to those being used by The Amazing Race contestants. Yup, it’s the kind of flashlight that you wear on your head.

This remake of Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield is more faithful to the original comic book character. His web shooters are his creations unlike in the Tobie Maguire version. The poses and web-slinging style of Andrew Garfield were very similar to the comics as well as his spider-sense. The costume that Andrew Garfield wore is sexier than that of Tobie Maguire.

The story is also faithful to the comics except for the part wherein he reveals himself to Gwen Stacy’s father. I haven’t read that part in the comics as far as I can remember. Also the part wherein Spider-Man’s father is best friend with The Lizard is also something new for me. I guess it’s the reason why the movie’s tagline was “The Untold Story” since it reveals a lot of information about Spider-Man’s father.

After the credits, there is a short video that hints there is a sequel to the movie. I just don’t understand if The Lizard is speaking to the future-Hobgoblin. After all, it was revealed in the movie that The Lizard’s human boss is the future-Hobgoblin. Let’s just wait and see.

Thank you Sef for taking the time from your busy schedule to watch the Spider-Man movie with me. Thank you Nuffnang Philippines and Energizer for such a wonderful event.


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