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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Reviving Hidalgo Street As Photographers’ Haven

I purchased my Canon EOS 1100D last December 2011. Back then, I’ve already heard about the famous Hidalgo Street in Quiapo as the photographer’s haven. However, due to the stigma attached to Quiapo being a haven of snatchers, I decided to purchase my DSLR at SM Megamall. I am willing to shell out extra cash just to have the feeling of security during my stay.

I don’t know how and when the stigma of Quiapo being a snatcher’s haven begun. I also don’t know if the film Batang Quiapo have something to do with it. To a Bulakeño slash Pasigeño like me, when the word Quiapo is mentioned, three things comes to my mind – the Black Nazarene, manghuhula and mandurukot.

Last Saturday, a photography workshop and contest called Quiapo Goes Anime was held at the famous Hidalgo Street. It coincides with the celebration of Araw ng Maynila (Manila City Day) and I was an early bird to the venue so most of the shops are closed. Not to mention that the Barangay Chairman is very busy for the event and he’s making sure that everything is in order. That’s why I came with these pictures of a very clean Hidalgo Street. I had the feeling that I’m in an open-air Cyberzone and Hidalgo Street is indeed complete with all the equipment and gadget to a photographer’s delight.

I’ve Google some of the pictures of Hidalgo Street prior to the Quiapo Goes Anime and I can’t recognized the place! Take a look at this picture taken from I Heart Manila. I can hardly see the arch.

hidalgo street i heart manila

(Old Picture of Hidalgo Street from I Heart Manila)

quiapo arch

I can finally see the arch! Taken last June 23, 2012 during a photo event.

Well, we Filipinos have a mentality and attitude called Ningas-Kugon. We’re good at the start of an event, advocacy, campaign and laws of all forms. The problem is, we can’t maintain the momentum. The challenge now is for the officials of Barangay 306 and the City Government of Manila to maintain the cleanliness of Hidalgo Street. I hope that they’re committed in promoting Hidalgo Street as a photographer’s haven.

In a few months time, we’ll see. I’ll go back to Hidalgo Street and take some pictures. I’ll bring an old digital camera (instead of the DSLR) as insurance.

avenue photobarangay 306 officials

Officials of Barangay 306, photographers and representatives of the City Government of Manila. Blame them if they can’t retain the cleanliness of Hidalgo Street

flowers at hidalgohidalgo in the morninghula

Well, the manghuhula are still there but they don’t harm anyone so no worries

kids with umblellamanila city band 2

The Manila City Band

marching band

Thank you SM Quiapo for the wonderful Marching Band


Palm Reading. It’s more fun in the Philippines

photographer 2photographerquiapo church 2quiapo churchrollei

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