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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Night Shots

I practiced taking pictures at night using my Canon EOS 1100D together with my Benro T600EX Tripod last night at Plaza Rizal. I was there around 12 midnight and it’s still full of people. It made me comfortable taking pictures.


This is Guzman. A famous place for lugaw, mami, lumpia and other street foods. It’s located along Sandoval Avenue opposite Villa Alegre Subdivision.

I tried the Bulb Feature of my DSLR. According to the manual, it’s the best setting whenever we take fireworks or we wanted to capture the light of vehicles to have the “light-saber” effect on pictures. I actually got the concept and I’m pretty happy with the results. I can now take pictures of vehicles at night although I still need to do it in a very congested street for me to capture both the red and white lights. It would be very helpful if I could be on a higher elevation like a hotel or mall.

It’s been 6 months since I purchased my Canon EOS 1100D from SM Megamall and I can say that I know my camera better now. I’m also proud to say that I’m taking pictures using Manual settings 90% of the time. Right now, the things that I’m planning to buy, to improve my photo composition, are external flash and the umbrella with stand (diffuser and reflector). Other than that, I just need to take more pictures and improve my composition.

I actually made a promise to improve my composition first before upgrading my lens. I’m also planning to attend more photo contests, workshops and photo-walks. I also became a member of the Pasig Shutter Bugs – a group of photography enthusiasts in the Pasig area. I haven’t attended a meeting or workshop by the group yet, but I’m hoping that being a member of a photography group would further improve my skills. I’m also encouraging you, my readers, to give me feedbacks on the photos that I’m posting here on this blog.

With all the tips that I’ve get, I’m pretty sure that I’ll improve my night shots, glamour shots, and landscape shots. Give me 6 months more and stay tuned to this blog.


Villa Alegre Subdivision, Pasig City


Pasig City Museum


Plaza Rizal


The main gate of the Pasig Cathedral (Immaculada Conception Parish Church).

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